Friday, March 26, 2010

If only...

It's no secret that conservatives dominate the broadcast airwaves these days. Regardless of the time of day, one has no trouble finding Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or Laura Ingraham or Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly on the dial. The aforementioned have carved out a nice living by being the figurative towne criers for the Republican party. It's great to have smart, talented, quick-thinking spokespeople to filter through the politics of Washington, D.C. and give their listeners the pure-as-the-driven-snow truth, not the laughable lies that seem to regularly drop from the mouths of Obama, Pelosi, et al.

But I have a sizable problem with these folks. Somewhere in the quest to get the word out, they forgot how to be polite. And that's a shame. When a famous someone shares my ideology, I would prefer they have impeccable manners and a common sense of courtesy toward all, particularly those with whom they disagree.

Most of these "hosts" will talk at length with callers possessing similar political leanings and exchange opinions amicably, but when a liberal calls, they immediately become condescending in tone and soon, insults are flying. Often, they take a quote from a Democrat, take it out of context, and launch into a tirade about how awful the person is...not cutting the poor opponent any slack or realizing that occasionally people don't say precisely what they mean or perhaps choose a word that didn't exactly convey what they meant. Last week, much was made about a Democratic Representative who said something like, "we will control you", and when the GOP world heard the word "control", they siezed upon the quote as evidence that their opponents preferred communism over democracy. I've listened to the entire conversation and I feel the poor guy just picked the wrong word to say, something all of us who speak more than three sentences a day tend to do. Now rest assured, I disagree totally with this man's politics and would love to see him voted out in November, but come on, there's no need to have such a hair-trigger response.

Of course, the reason these folks have their high-visibility jobs is the fact that they DO act that way...arousing shouts of praise from conservatives and fits of rage from liberals. Ratings explode and reward them for their venom. In fairness, there is one fellow who endorses the company line AND treats liberals as people with brains. He is Mark Davis of radio station WBAP here in the north Texas area...he often substitutes for Rush when Rush needs a day off to cool his heels...and his tongue. I would hope that Mark someday has more of a national platform. It's so refreshing to hear someone whose intellect and conservative passion are matched by his respect for decorum and friendly discussion of issues.

Again, let me reiterate that I want nothing but failure for big-government liberals and their leaders. They must be removed from office ASAP. But wouldn't it be refreshing to have a polite give-and-take that doesn't leave everyone splattered with mud?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Uh, oh...

Looks like the Dems will pass the obscene healthcare bill.

This will no doubt be a day the country will rue, probably as soon as the taxes hit. Or as soon as they really find out what's happened to their healthcare.

But it will accomplish one wonderful thing: it will clear Congress of the Democratic majority come November. That's the price you pay for ignoring the will of the people.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The final gasp of Obamacare?

What the Democrats are doing this week shouldn't surprise us. After all, they pride themselves on being smarter than we and therefore know what's best for us. How else to explain the desperate and unconstitutional effort to get the monstronsity of a healthcare bill passed before Easter recess? By the way, the rush to get it done now is because Pelosi, Reid, et al don't want the 75% of Americans who hate this bill to have a chance to dissuade Congress members during the extended time off back in their home districts.

The Supreme Court has ruled that before a bill can become law, both houses of Congress must pass the exact version of the bill. The Democrats are playing fast and loose with the rules now, trying to get the House to pass a faux bill that can be altered later. Such is the level of their desperation and, dare I say it, immorality. Surely we can agree that Macchiavellianism is immoral and certainly, the Dems feel the end justifies the means at the moment.

Where is the outrage from the media about this? Oh, yeah. They're still in love with Obama, even though there are starting to be defections in the Anointed One's journalism army. One thing is for sure: the American public understands this mess. They have phoned the offices of fence-sitting representatives so much this week that some reps have had to disconnect their lines.

Hopefully, by Saturday, this healthcare bill will be dead...the bill that Obama hasn't read, he admits, and the bill that Pelosi wants us to pass and THEN find out what's enclosed. It will truly be a relief to finally stomp the last bit of life from this monstrosity and get started on a health bill that makes sense and doesn't hamstring our kids and grandkids financially. However, should it pass using the slimy, dirty trick process, I feel certain that the Supreme Court will quickly rule it unconstitutional. Mercy, would I love to write the majority opinion for that decision.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why I hate Spring Break

Woke up with a deluxe edition of a head cold this morning. What's doubly irritating about that is that my bride and I had planned to go to San Antonio to see elder son Brett and his family this morning. We don't get to see them enough anyway and then to mess up this opportunity is vexing...and I should have seen it coming.

Three years ago, on this exact Saturday, I had an all-day field trip to Lone Oak, Texas. It was a lucrative one - picked up the group at 6 AM and wouldn't return until 8 PM or so. I got them there okay but there was a problem. I had been assigned a newer school bus, a strange, unfamiliar beast...and I couldn't get the heater that keeps the driver warm to work. The passengers were toasty but I was a shivering idiot by the time we arrived.

Short story long, I felt the first pangs of illness around noon, and by sunset, I was a mess: feverish, alternating burning up and shivering, weak as a Nancy Pelosi explanation. I should have called dispatch and begged off, but like any male, I wanted to fight through it. All the way home, I had the overpowering urge to sleep...not a good thing when you're behind the wheel. We were returning to Dallas on I-30, and at one point, I passed the exit to FM 549 - the exit I take to get to our house. It killed me to know that instead of being home in 10 minutes, I had another 30 miles to go to get these kids home and another 30 miles back to FM 549 and a chance to go to bed. I eventually made it and spent the next 5 days in bed with the flu.

Last year, my sons and I decided to head to Arizona during Spring Break to take in Texas Rangers' spring training. Naturally, the days leading up to our trip were cold and rainy in north Texas and by departure day, I had a funny throat and a throbbing head. We had a blast, but my enjoyment was dampened by the fact that I wasn't 100%.

Well, Brett just called and said that if I have a miraculous recovery in the next 24 hours, to come anyway since he and Jenny are both off Monday. I've just taken a dose of Airborn (sp?) and maybe, just maybe, there will be a miracle
from a God who is sympathetic to my Spring Break curse.

Friday, March 05, 2010

$9.7 Trillion

Remember about six weeks ago when Obama lectured the American public on family budgeting, urging us to do things like canceling trips to Las Vegas? Somehow, there has to be a better spokesman for economic strategies. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office now estimates that Obama's spending will add $9.7 trillion to the federal deficit in the next decade.

Listen. You don't have to be Dave Ramsey to know that Obama is doing precisely the wrong thing when it comes to money. How many couples over the years have learned the hard way that spending more than you make doesn't work? Indeed, it leads to a deep financial hole that is next to impossible to recover from. How many parents have taught fiscal responsibility to their children by literally making them save up for a desired product and then buying it?

Compare this to what has happened since Obama took office. Need money? Print it. Need more money? Increase the debt limit. Need even more money? Borrow from China to the degree that even they are chastising us.

Most of America knows better, and that's why Obama's popularity is in a steep decline. Most of America doesn't want his financial naivete' to become a monetary nightmare that will burden our children and grandchildren.

This is what you get when you elect a guy whose life experiences made for the flimsiest presidential candidate's resume' in U. S. history. We can only hope that the November elections save us from his blind-leading-the-blind policies. Apparently, the Democratic majority in Congress can't be counted on to take the blinders off before then.

If we just hadn't been in such a rush to elect a smooth, charismatic black man to the nation's highest office. Looked like such a wonderful idea to so many. May we never be so delusional again.