Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March Madness

Point: I was informed Tuesday that it was time to take my annual physical that all bus drivers take. Usually, the way this is handled is that I go over to the bus headquarters and let the staff physician knock it out in 10 minutes. (If you have a pulse, you can drive.) But for reasons known only to Lucifer, this one was farmed out to a local clinic.

I arrived at 4:10. I walked out at 7:00 having not seen a doctor yet. Hungry, mad, exhausted, I was beyond exasperation.

But at least they will let me do it the old-fashioned way tomorrow...allowing me to get a day off from teaching (heh-heh).

Point: How terminally ignorant is the DISD? Get this. We have to buy our own pencil sharpeners. Reason? "They're not in the budget," said the dean of instruction.



Brooke said...

Ouch...sorry. I was informed today that a new ELECTRIC (yeah!) pencil sharpener is being ordered for me. Now if I can only have my science "shower" and my goggle case repaired...

Heather said...

Tim-I would love to start a fundraiser locally to help come up with the funds to purchase a pencil sharpener for your class. How crazy is that! No money in budget for sharpener's however, the old DISD superintendent was able to refurnish her home with district funds. Go figure! Hope her prison cell is nicely furnished now.

Blake Perkins said...

You seriously need to write a book about DISD.