Monday, July 17, 2006

It's July and....

...and we're into a form of cabin fever at our house. It is so ridiculously hot outside (100 degrees by noon today) that outdoor activities are almost non-existent. Even a routine trip to the grocery store means you have to come home and shower again.

On the other side of the world, Hezbollah and Israel are exchanging words and bombs. Israel claims Iran is funding the enemy. This is interesting because there are those who feel Revelation predicts something like this happening in the Last Days.

You would have to read their reasoning based on scripture to get a clear grasp of this theory. All I can tell you is that, to me, it is credible. How should we respond? Even if you reject such a prediction, you (and I) need to be living with a sense of urgency. As I get older and therefore closer to going home, I realize that if I'm going to have an impact on relatives and friends who don't know Jesus, I need to get after it.

I believe I'm saved, but I also don't want to press the lever on heaven's gate knowing that I failed to speak with them about the most important talking point ever.

Since I truly believe we are in the final moments before Christ's return, I am trying to reject anything superficial and void of eternal significance...while trying to concentrate on what does matter.


Blake Perkins said...

Brock Callaway's father is an elder and he says it is not happening soon.

steelboy28 said...

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