Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's Time

I'll make this short. As you know, a bi-partisan panel has delivered a plan to President Bush urging a what is basically a steady withdrawal from Iraq. GW is not too keen on the idea. He remains determined to not pull out until the country can run itself. Democratically. He also wants to eradicate any sources of terrorism that may be rooted in Iraq.
Unfortunately, Bush has not learned from history. Just as LBJ got stubborn and let Vietnam become a personal pride issue, GW is unwilling to admit that Iraq has been a costly disaster.
It's time to get out. If the terrorism threat is as bad as is told us, then let's use all that military manpower to protect our borders. It will make a huge difference in our safety...and it won't cost us ten lives a day.
As to whether Iraq can ever run itself democratically, I'm very dubious. The factions there have such deep-rooted hatred for each other that harmony seems out of the question. I don't have the solution; I just know that we shouldn't be a part of it.
Isolationism has its value in some circumstances. This is one of them.


bperkins21 said...

The question is if we leave Iraq will Iran take over?

Tim Perkins said...

And if they do, aren't we still better off than now? Now we are sacrificing young, brave men and women daily for a war we can't win. Again, if we applied this much effort and manpower to guarding our borders, we would be less vulnerable to terrorists than we are now.