Monday, May 21, 2007

Movies and TV

People think I'm weird - for a number of reasons. I don't eat tomatoes, lettuce, squash, or Mexican food. If given a free night, I'd rather sit at home in a quiet room with my wife than go out to eat or mingle with friends. But part of my alleged weirdness has to do with my attitudes about the big screen and the smaller one.

I am convinced that Hollywood is evil. And, it has suckered in a lot of Christians. Think about the things church folks say when recommending a movie that has "questionable" parts: "It only has a little bit of nudity and it fits the plot"; "It's really violent, but it'll have you screaming for more"; and "Of course the language is rough, but it's not anything you don't hear in the office everyday". See how Satan has eroded values?

Answer this: suppose you had friends over for an evening at your house and suddenly a couple begins stripping off their clothes in front of everyone as a precursor to lovemaking. Wouldn't your sensibilities be offended to the max? Suppose one of your guests began cavalierly speaking in the most "sailorly" way, using the crudest language available. Wouldn't you usher the offender to the door and say, "Not in my house!"?

You see the obvious parallelism I'm suggesting. I'm amazed at our younger generation of preachers and how they frequently reference movies in their sermons. Sometimes, they'll even talk about the great truths presented by a certain flick. And the flick isn't "G" rated. It's PG or worse. And somewhere Satan is laughing.

Even more insidious is the fare being offered on television. Steamy shower scenes, simulated sex scenes, and gutter language are the norm, from what I understand. I stick to science stuff and sports and documentaries and choose not sample the junk. The reason it's more insidious is because small kids are pulverized by this filth on a daily basis - no need to purchase a ticket, you see.

I don't want to come off as spiritually superior. But I'm so convinced I'm right about this that I'll take that chance.

We wouldn't walk a tightrope over a chasm because of the danger to our bodies. Why would we then risk our souls over stuff like this?


Heather said...

Tim--You do bring up some great points. It seems that we've allowed society to dictate what's acceptable, instead of being MORE concerned with what pleases the Lord. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to think about even the little nuances of language, movies and t.v.

Blake Perkins said...

The Bible warns us about becoming "worldly". Movies today have to have the shock and awe to have success. I do not enjoy movies that much, but I know many people who have to see tons of movies as part as their entertainment. I am stuck seeing "chick flicks" with my wife. Good point Dad

Lynn said...

I agree with you! Unfortunately, I do think the younger generations have been desensitized, alot of them list their favorite movies on their blogs and I am amazed at how many Christians have "R" rated movies listed. I had a conversation with a young preacher about his very issue and he took exception with me stating that there is "spirituality" in all movies and if we don't watch them we cannot engage our culture in conversation. I pray that I can find something better to talk about. Thanks for the thoughts.

Tim Perkins said...

Lynn: I think I know the preacher you're referencing...I had seen the same idea in his blog.

It's a tricky we "become all things to all people" in order to win a few? And would that mean immersing ourselves in their culture so we can have educated discourse with them? Many think so. I think not. Christ was able to relate to the sinner without ever sinning or losing his appeal. I think that's what we should strive to do.

Carole said...

You're right on, honey.