Thursday, February 14, 2008

See ya, boys?

I have an opportunity that could be pretty cool. Now for those of you who have real jobs with real stress, this is pretty meaningless. I have the utmost respect for you because I remember working hard. This is a mere blip on the radar.

A new school bus route has opened up that I'd love to have. I would be picking up middle school girls and taking them to the (you ready? are you sure?) Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women Leadership School. What were Mr. and Mrs. Rangel thinking? Irma Lerma? Anyway, this is a school for the best and brightest of DISD's girls. I would be picking them up from three East Dallas middle schools and transporting them to Rangel, located at Collum and Pennsylvania on the west side of Fair Park.

There are two reasons for wanting this change. There are more hours involved so I'd make a bit more. And, perhaps more importantly, I'd have passengers who have mastered social graces and are studious in attitude. Compared to those I currently transport, this is as far as Carnegie Hall is to the Sportatorium.

I put my name in the hopper today. On Tuesday of next week, the "applier" with the most senority will automatically get the job. Then that person must begin the route the next day. There are very few folks at the bus lot who have more senority than I (25 years worth). I'll keep you posted.


Lynn Leaming said...

Will be praying that the Lord keeps his promise to give you the desires of your heart!

Tim Perkins said...

The cool thing, the unfathomable thing, is that the creator of the heavens and earth really does care whether an old, retired teacher gets an upgrade for his part-time bus driving job. Amazing.