Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad's Day

I've had the wonderful words from my kids today. Naturally, they all say the usual things. But what I want them to know is that this day would be meaningless were they not such superlative children of God. I've had, I suppose, a modicum of influence in their lives. But still, the burden of making good choices, of being good and pure and honorable, has been with them all these years. And they have come through with flying colors.

I want to make sure before this day is over that I communicate with my Father in heaven, and tell Him how good he's been to me.


Lynn Leaming said...

While it is true that you kids have had the choice of free will 9like us all)don't negate the fact that they would not have the love for God that they have or even care if they pleased Him if it hadn't been for you teaching them about Him and modeling that life before them. I am sure they are very grateful to have a father that knows the Father.

Tim Perkins said...

Thanks, Lynn. That's so sweet.