Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Abilene Back

I've got an interesting week goin' on. This is the third and final summer school week for the (ready?) Irma Lerma Rangel Leadership School for Young Women. There was one week in both June and July, and now these enrichment weeks are wrapping up with this session. These aren't "catch up" weeks for the girls. They are advancement opportunities. This week the 14 girls I'm picking up are learning robotics at the Science Place at Fair Park.

What makes this a demanding week for me is the strange schedule. I go to nine different middle schools which are spread out from far north Dallas all the way to deep Pleasant Grove in the southeast part of town. So, I leave Rockwall at 6 AM, get in my bus around 6:45, make my first pickup at 7:30, go to 8 more schools, and finally arrive at Rangel around 9:20.

As you can tell, that translates to nearly four and a half hours of driving. In the afternoon, I repeat the process as I take them home and then drive myself back to Rockwall. I had trouble sleeping last night with a strange symptom known as "Abilene Back", a condition that originated in the '60's and '70's when I was making so many trips between Dallas and Abilene. "Abilene Back" (westexicus spinus) is nothing more than back spasms and is the result of sitting behind the wheel for stupid lengths of time. Good thing this only lasts a week.

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