Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday morning finds me...

...sitting here at Baylor Hospital where Mom is being cared for. This was to be the day that she might go home, but I think she's too weak for that now. I got here before 7 today so I could catch the doctor on his rounds...he said he'd be by between 7 and 8, but now it's after 8 and no doctor.

The family has had serious issues with this guy from the beginning. He tends to over-prescribe, over-scan, and generally miss the point of trying to keep Mom comfortable. The biggest issue is with something called amiodarone, a drug designed to control arrhythmia (sp). It has powerful side effects and dosage must be carefully monitored and tweeked. The doc gave it to Mom 18 months ago when she was hospitalized and it just about killed her. When we demanded that the dosage be seriously reduced, she got better immediately and went home. On Thursday, when the doc said Mom would be admitted, I reminded him of this episode and warned him of her vulnerability to this drug's effects. Well, he started her out on a full dosage, and Mom has gone downhill since.

But he hasn't shown up yet. I only hope that when he does (if he does), I can control my anger and speak in measured tones. Hard to do since he's messin' with my momma.


Tim Perkins said...

Update: Just met with the doc and got the amiodarone completely banished. Also discussed with Mom moving to a managed-care rehab facility later this week. She was agreeable. Things are looking up...God is way more than "good".

Lynn Leaming said...

It is a shame that patients need someone looking over their shoulder to make sure they recieve the proper medical care, but it seems to be the case A friend of mine has a mother in the hospital as well and they came in to give her an IV when she had just had one removed. My friend questioned what they were doing and they argued with her for several minutes before discovering that they had the wrong room. To which the tech said "I am so sorry, I had eye surgery two days ago and I am not seeing clearly", but was going to give an IV??? Hope your mother will recover and do well in rehab. May God continue to bless you with strength as you minister to her.