Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Iceman Cometh

Most days, I feel like I'm stealing money from Dallas County Schools, the folks who write out checks to me from time to time. I drive a new bus, I drive a great route, my female passengers are great most of the time, and I get to tower over most itty-bitty vehicles on the road. A real power trip.

Then there are days like today. Black ice is a killer. It lurks in secret places and snatches control of buses and cars and especially trucks. I couldn't believe all the parents who seemed to drop off their kids at the bus stops this morning, almost cavalierly assuming I could be trusted. Were I in their shoes, I'd want a full background check, a drug test, and a notorized statement saying that I'd never been to a Texas Rangers game. Trust me, today I felt the full burden of the knowledge that I was carrying 40 or so precious children - children whose parents would be devastated beyond repair if I did something foolish on the I-20 overhead ramp to I-45.

Naturally, I said my prayers. And after more than four hours total time behind the wheel, I parked my yellow-hound and 'bout collapsed on the steering wheel. The tension in my shoulders and neck was palpable. So was the fatigue.

Another day, another dollar. Tomorrow's menu is "freezing fog". Mercy, I can't wait.


Lynn Leaming said...

Those parents have no idea what a blessing it is that you are the busdriver. Foremost their children are covered by the shield of prayer. But you do not take the responsibility lightly and they could not have anyone more dedicated to doing their best to stay safe. May the Lord bless you with a safe drive tomorrow as well.

Apple said...

Black ice is something I don't have to deal with often and I'm grateful for that. I hope conditions are better for you tomorrow.

I've had the full background check and drug test but I've never had to make a statement about any sports team but if the powers that be in NYS read this I'm sure they'll add it!

Tim Perkins said...

Apple: I didn't mean to imply that I'm not checked out thoroughly by my employers. They do, of course, make sure that I'm not a felon with a crack pipe on my key ring.