Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Step Back, Please

I thought it might be interesting to do this: tell me where you were (geographically speaking) and what you were doing 20 years ago this month.


Brooke said...

I was in Dallas and I was in Mrs. Travis' 4th grade class. We got Puddin' this year I think.

Jenny said...

Finishing up the 8th grade basketball season. Looking ahead to September to break Blake's arm.


Jeff said...

I was in my second semester as a freshman a ACU. I spent 4 hours a day playing basketball in "single gym" and about 3 hours a day in class.


Lynn Leaming said...

Not sure where I was in February but in 1989 at that time was single with no hints of marriage in the future, taking care of 4 girls in a small group home in California. (Steve and I got together in April that same year and married in August ;))