Saturday, March 07, 2009

Just hurry...

This time of year is analagous to late May. This time of year, those in the education business grow weary of other people's kids. The things they were doing months ago were cute and funny. Now it's all just obnoxious. We need a break. Later in the school year, it'll be summer we crave. Now the break we need is Spring Break.

This particular break will be different from any I've ever experienced. As noted in a previous blog entry, I'm fulfilling a dream this year by actually going to Spring Training (has to be's that important) in Surprise, Arizona, where the Texas Rangers work out. To make it all the more palatable, my two sons are joining me. We share of love of the great game of baseball, warm weather, and acting silly. It'll be a wonderful time. I must apologize to my sports-minded daughter, Brooke. Hey, Brooke, maybe next year we can go to Stars' camp in Frisco.

We leave in a week. The three of us are expectantly counting down the days like giddy teens waiting on a Hannah Montana concert. My only concern is that my boys mercilessly make fun of me whenever we're together, always pointing out the garish mistakes and judgment lapses I've made in their presence in their 3 decades of life. I'd be getting depressed were it not for the wealth of material they've left me during the same time frame. The cool thing is that this 3-day experience should leave us with a vast storehouse of memorable tales for the next 3 decades. Now if we can just get this week to hurry by.


Blake Perkins said...

This is going to be a blast!

Brooke said...

Y'all have fun! One day I would love a break from motherhood!