Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things I'm thinkin' about tonight...

1. So disappointed that it appears the U. S. Senate will pass a health bill that the vast majority of America doesn't want...and, by the way, has been rushed through with such haste that nobody in the Senate has even read the whole bill. I'm fully confident that even though most representatives who are up for re-election will not return and even though Obama will be a one-term president, it will take years and years to undo the harm perpetrated by these out-of-touch politicians.

2. I do a lot of driving, at least 190 miles each weekday. I see a lot of cars on the interstate highways, to say the least. But there are two groups of cars that make me peer inside them, hoping to catch a look at the driver. The first group sport license plates that say, "Purple Heart". These are usually driven by Korean War vets or Vietnam vets, obviously. I stare at the driver and wonder how they were wounded or injured, and how serious it was. The second group is very rare. I've seen maybe 10 of these. These vehicles have license plates that say, "Former POW". I really, really stare at these drivers. Were they, perhaps, in the dreaded Hanoi Hilton? Were they held captive for years and years? It's all I can do not to pull in front of them, stop them, and thank them for the service they've rendered.

3. There's every indication that this is going to be a very brutal winter. The school district for which I drive a bus has a reputation for keeping the schools open even when roads are treacherous. I'm not excited about the prospect of slip-sliding sideways down a busy interstate, trying to corral a heavy, yellow monster...I sure hope the folks who make the "go, no-go" decisions think about those of us who transport children.

4. I'm making a point of saying "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays" this year. Just my little part in putting Christ back in the season for which He is the reason.

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