Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The party makes 'em nervous...

The liberals don't quite know what to make of the tea party movement that has swept across the land. But they do know they're scared of it. Most of us clean-living folk had never heard the term "tea-bagger" until CNN and MSNBC hosts started gleefully using it with accompanying leers. They also quickly rushed to judgment and claimed the tea party movement was saturated with racists and homophobes.

Now there's this. In a desperate effort to try and derail a groundswell of conservative sentiment, liberals have launched a website which recruits folks for the purpose of infiltrating the tea party movement. Once inside, these fine people will try to give the entire movement a bad name by making racist posters and signs, misspelling words on such posters and signs, and generally acting like rabble-rousers. This is typical of the Chicago-style politics of which Obama is so keen. Pretty much anything goes when your opponent has the upper hand.

And upper hand it is. Obama's popularity is at an all-time low (Gallup). Most want the health-care mess repealed. Democratic politicians around the country are trailing potential Republican candidates by double-digits. So it's time for them to trot out the really ugly tactics. It's all so predictable. As long as you can call folks racists and homophobes, you stand a chance.

So don't be aghast if you see someone holding a sign claiming Obama is Hitler (or maybe "Obamma is Hilter"). It's just business as usual for the party-crashers.


Jeff S. said...

I'm not sure why liberals would be scared of the tea party movement. The tea party is largely made up of people who would never vote for a Democratic candidate--it is mostly conservative, white, and made up of people from rural areas. Polls show that even those tea party members who consider themselves independent lean heavily toward conservatism.

The real threat is to the Republican Party, which is losing supporters by the day. Many of those individuals are flocking to the ideas of the tea party. In fact, the tea party helped elect a Democrat in upstate New York because the Republican candidate was not conservative enough; the minor Conservative Party lost big time. The tea party is a sign that the Republican Party is in serious trouble: there is a battle for the soul of the party between moderates and conservatives. And if the Republican Party doesn't get its act together, it is going to be swallowed up by the conservative movement, and that is a recipe for landslide defeats. You don't win voters over by courting those on the fringe of the political spectrum; you win by courting the voters in the middle.

And have you heard the term "tea bagger" on CNN? Please tell me who said it. I can't imagine anyone on CNN saying that. I know it's been on MSNBC because I heard Olbermann say it.

Tim Perkins said...

Jeff: CNN examples?


Your second sentence is quite wrong...many, many tea party members are independents who often vote Democratic...or at least they used to.

This is what is dooming the Dems with regard to the upcoming Nov. elections...Republicans will vote their usual way and be joined by a vast force of independents who are suffering buyer-remorse.

Jeff S. said...

You should read this NY Times poll that was recently released. Very interesting results. As for the political ideology of the tea partiers, look at question 94.


meijor said...

The 'clean living folk' are the people I know who have the most to fear from the current economic environment.

And I know plenty of 'clean living' Liberals, Republicans, Independents, Democrats and Tea Baggers.

One's political persuasion is not going to stop the fact that 1% of the population believes in their heart... that what's yours - belongs to them!

And that 1% works day and night to get you to believe... that your neighbor is your enemy.