Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A remarkable school...

One of the biggest blessings in my life is the opportunity to be associated with the Rangel Leadership School for Young Women. This school is the only all-girls public school in the Dallas area. It targets the best and brightest females and strives to create and mold them to take leadership roles in society.

I'm driving a school bus for them this month, but it's not your typical summer school. It's a program called, "Each One Reach One", and the girls who participate volunteer to do so. Basically, it introduces them to the world of serving others. Here, for example, is this week's schedule:

Monday: Visited the Scottish Rite Hospital to learn about that great institution.

Tuesday: Visited Vogel Alcove, close by downtown Dallas, to become acquainted with this amazing place, a shelter for homeless children. They spent the bulk of their time there playing with these unfortunate kids.

Wednesday: Today, I dropped them off at the Dallas Farmers' Market, where they shopped for veggies. Then I took them to a residence where the veggies were transformed into a meal for 15-20. We then loaded up the food on the bus and I took them to the Preston Rd. Church of Christ, where the girls fed the women involved in a program called, "New Friends, New Lives". This program targets women who have been "rescued" from the sex industry, either as prostitutes or strippers, and are being given a new chance at being moral and productive in society.

Tomorrow: The girls will work on a "Habitat for Humanity" home.

Friday: The girls will visit a homeless shelter, learn how it operates, and give some of their time to helping out.

The day that we visited the Vogel Alcove, I asked one of the girls how she liked the experience. Her response: "This is where I want to volunteer when I'm an adult."

A remarkable school giving great kids life-changing experiences.

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Brooke said...

That's awesome! Never heard of that place with the homeless children.