Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Good Time to Be Male

As I type this, Carole is in the kitchen preparing a pre-Thanksgiving meal for six. She has been getting ready for this holiday for several days. The planning and logistics are intense. Meanwhile, I've been pretty much a spectator...observing her industry and love from a distance.

We men have it so easy during this holiday. We usually do little or none of the food preparation. As the women are furiously getting the turkey and all the fixin's ready, the males are gathered around the TV to watch a Detroit Lions game that has no importance in the grand scheme of things.

By Thursday's end, the men will be exhausted from eating continuously for seven hours. The women will be exhausted for a more honorable reason...hard work. May God bless the women in our lives. Because they have surely blessed us.

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Amber said...

I really appreciate the recognition of the women. They (notice "they") really do work hard. I wonder if they really enjoy the meals that they have slaved over all day. I hope so!! You do have a wonderful family. You are very blessed.