Sunday, November 27, 2005

Save Yourself Some Trouble

With age comes wisdom. Not because you're constantly doing research in the library, but more because of osmosis. Lessons get pounded through your skull simply because you've been around forever. If I live to be 138, I'll really be wise.

One lesson I've learned is that sports don't matter. I find them interesting, but not worth a lot of my energy. That's quite a reversal from my attitude in my young married years. If the Cowboys played on a Monday night and won, the excitement would keep me from sleeping the rest of the night. If they got beat, the deflation would do the same.

Nowadays, I can take or leave a Stars game and skip Mav games in droves. A Cowboy victory is nice, but a loss is no problem. With all of the other things in my life that have assumed importance, a mere game gets pushed down the ladder. I'm sure part of this is the stereotypical millionaire athlete and his stereotypically selfish, me-first attitude. But in the main, the key factor in this mental transformation is the realization that it's really all about God, family, and service. If such is true, sports is mere galactic dust in God's universe.


Blake Perkins said...

Sometimes I catch myself being too involved in sports as well. Ever since Maddie came along I realize there are more important things to spend your time with. Although HDTV is tempting.

Tim Perkins said...

Yeah, I'm kinda talking outta both sides of my mouth...were it not for sports, I wouldn't have made the HD investment.

Tim Perkins said...

Tim!!! Sports isn't everything?! Haven't I tried to tell you that for the last 37 years!? Finally, it's sinking in!

Brooke said...

After the hockey strike, I came to realize this idea. Life moved on w/o hockey...quite well in fact. Who knows if I would have ever gotten a husband if hockey hadn't paused for over a year.