Saturday, February 18, 2006

A challenge to the men of my family

I just watched Dirk Nowitzki win the 3-point shooting contest for this year. With that still fresh on my mind, I hereby suggest a similar competition with the men of my family. Except for Ralph. Not to suggest he's a woman. But you know what I mean. Ralph is excellent in other fields besides athletics.

I hate to brag, but not really. I once scored 63 points during a game in the fog one evening on Ambler Blvd, Abilene, TX. I saw all the shots go in; some of my teammates and opponents missed seeing some of them because of the meteorological conditions. It was their loss.

I have never had trouble scoring or beating my sons or my brother in basketball. Charles, not John, of course.

Now I am limited by a left leg crippled by a combination of nerve damage and a land mine I stepped on in Vietnam. I wear a leg brace with more titanium than the Eiffel Tower. But I can still bring it.

I am very interested to see if (1) Brett can still shoot given his advanced age and belly, (2) Blake can do something besides dunking over shorter opponents, and (3) if new son-in-law Michael (Detention) Hall can stand up to Perkins mystique.

Blake, it's up to you to arrange the shootout. You have the keys to DC's facilities. I'll wait a year if I have to. If I'm still alive.


Blake Perkins said...

Land mine in Vietnam? I thought the National Guard stayed in the US. I personally feel like there are 2 sports that no one in my family (Perkins die) can beat me in. Basketball and tennis. I challenge anybody!

Blake Perkins said...

I meant Perkins side (not die)

Brooke said...

Michael wanted me to write: bring it on old man.

Tim Perkins said...

Michael: May a diseased yak smear eel oil on your shooting hand.

Jeff said...

I am glad to see you had enough sense to exclude me from your challenge.

3-Point Shoot-Out Champion
DC Alumni Tournament 1991

Tim Perkins said...

Jeff: Big deal. As I recall, you beat Jason Feinglass' father, Mr. Meggs, and Ms. Underwood.

Jeff said...

Well, if I can beat Mr Meggs, then beating you should not be a problem.

Tim Perkins said...

You underestimate Mr. Meggs. He had a killer cross-over dribble move and his sky hook was unstoppable.