Saturday, October 07, 2006

Add this to your prayer list...

The Rangers have fired Buck Showalter as their manager. Idle thought: I don't recall ever seeing him smile in four years. There are about four candidates to take his place. One of those is Trey Hillman, a guy who currently manages the Nippon Ham Fighters (great name) in Japan.

I knew nothing about Hillman prior to today. But I googled his name this morning and found out that he is an incredibly strong witness for Christ. Go to this spot and click on either of the two videos on the right and you will discover a man with no hesitation in announcing his allegiance to Jesus.

I don't know whether God would rather have Hillman in Texas or Japan. All I know is that he would immediately have an incredible platform to spread the good news here in the Metroplex.

BTW, the UT quarterback, Colt McCoy, is also a believer.


Heather said...

Wow, that's cool I'll have to tell Jason this about Mr. Hillman.

Heather said...

ok mr. tim i'm suffering withdrawals because your blog needs updating (wink)