Saturday, October 28, 2006

Killin' Time

If you haven't read the previous blog, do so now.

Now, what does the bus driver do when he's dropped the load of students and teachers at a museum or a petting zoo and faces 4 hours of sitting around? Well, I have 3 courses of action, "action" being a poor word choice.

1. I read. I always have at least one religious book I'm plowing through, plus the latest Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, or Texas Monthly magazine.

2. I listen to the radio. If it's a daytime trip, I usually can get all of Norm Hitzges' program.

3. I try to nap. It used to be easy for me to sleep on a school bus. That was back when I was teaching. Anytime I got a chance to nap, I was usually mentally fatigued...and sleep came easily. Now, since most of the stress is gone from my life, I find that I can get locked into the same position, same seats for slumber as last year, but it doesn't come easily. My mind is just too fresh, too sharp. So I pray a lot.

I enjoy field trips. They pay well. I may be slightly crazy, but I like the challenge of taking kiddoes across the city in rush hour traffic to specified destination. I know I'm carrying some parent's Zachary, Maddie, or Ethan on board. That part is humbling. That's what makes me focus to the max on being a safe driver.

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