Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Whatta Day

Today began with a 4:15 wakeup I could attend the 5:30 field trip selection meeting at the bus lot. But more importantly, this was the day my mom-in-law gets her knee replaced.

After the morning bus runs, Carole and I met and took Mrs. Robertson to the hospital. Her knee is so bad that any bending causes much pain. She has been looking forward to this day with mixed feelings. She definitely wanted to be rid of a very bad, bone-on-bone knee and all the pain it brings. But due to other health issues, there was a very real chance that she wouldn't survive the surgery. But she is very comfortable with the assurance that heaven is her home and knew that waking up in glory rather in a recovery room wouldn't be so bad.

Carole stayed by her side during the hour or so leading up to surgery. But there was a problem. The blood tests showed fairly serious anemia. The docs huddled and decided the operation was too risky. Then Doris' internist came by and spent half an hour explaining why she should NEVER have the surgery done, how the risks far and away superceded the good that might come from the new knee.

I was worried that Doris would be terribly upset, but Carole reports that she was relieved...that she knew her life was in God's hands and that what happened today was surely His will. Her faith is amazing.

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