Saturday, November 04, 2006

Don't Go There

There is a movie out now called "Borat". It opened Friday locally and is being lauded as the funniest movie ever. That's quite a boast given that "The 3 Stooges Go to the Moon" is still out there.

It seems every radio station I've listened to this weekend (except the Christian ones) are talking about this flick. All seem to agree that it lives up to the hype.

Folks, Christians have no business going to an "R" rated movie. I don't care how funny it is. I don't care what lame excuses you use (everyone does it, I'm going for life lessons it'll teach me, I can handle the off-color language and sex scenes). There is no redeeming quality about an "R" film that would override your Christian responsibility in this matter.

Two reasons: chances are you'll be seen there and folks seeing you will assume you're open-minded and willing to sample small doses of sin; and it will carefully erode your Christian mindset. If you see enough of this garbage, pretty soon godly thoughts are replaced by worldly thoughts.

Don't give Hollywood your money. Don't treat your soul so cavalierly.


Heather said...

Tim--I'm proud of you for posting your opinions on a controversial topic. I myself don't have time for ANY movies these days--of any rating...Chasing a 2 year old around pretty much encompasses my days.

Tim Perkins said...

Heather: Thanks for backing me up (you were, weren't you?). This is a very unpopular stance among the younger generation...movies have been part of their culture all their lives. And they don't think twice about an "R" rating. The "R" should stand for "Run" to a Christian.

Blake Perkins said...

Save your money and go see the new Bond movie "Casino Royale" on Nov 17th.

I remember not being able to see "Mr. Baseball" my senior year in HS because they showed a partial uncovered male rear end.

I agree. Most movies are a waste.

Tim Perkins said...

I'm not sure any Bond movie will be crystal-clean.

Blake Perkins said...

But it is okay when you are saving the world, right?

Kula3 said...

So I was browsing through some blogs and had to comment on this one so...You have some amazing pictures. They are amazing because they are airplane pictures...does that seem weird? Well I'm a flying student at
(f)UND aerospace(it kinda comes with the territory) But what is even cooler than learning how to fly is Jesus and just to add some more to your argument is this cool verse from Gal. 1:10 "If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ." So from all the way over here I hope you like it and keep taking pictures.

Tim Perkins said...

Kula3, where are you?

Kula3 said...

Oh sorry, that seems weird that a stranger would leave a comment and not say where they're from. oops. I'm and I'm from hawaii by the way. I fancy myself a photog myself which is why I looked at yours in the first place I have some pics at (flikr or something I don't know how to spell it) but if you search for kula three you can find me

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