Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The kids are here...

In 15 minutes, Blake and Jaime's flight leaves for Washington, D.C. Which smeans that Carole and I have hunkered down for our 4.5 days of keeping Maddie, age 4, and Macie, age 1.5.

We hope we're up to the task. Tomorrow, we plan to go to the Dallas Zoo, an outing that I'm sure will leave us totally refreshed and enthused about life in general. Right. The rest of the time with the girls will be spent doing our best to keep them happy and occupied. It should be interesting. We both give up what little TV we watch for these 4.5 days. And there will be little time with our laptops. But it will be cool to get even closer with our grand-offspring.

Blake and Jaime don't know it, but all they'll do is talk about their kids, even as they go through the Capitol building and all the Smithsonians. Funny how that works. You greedily anticipate the chance to finally have time alone and when you get it...you wonder how the kids are doing and if you can be away from them for this long. Ahhh, the love of a parent!

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Lynn Leaming said...

Give my best to the baboons! My favorite animal at the zoo! Hope ya'll just have a special time of making special memories with the girls.