Friday, July 18, 2008

An Ode to Key Lime Pie

I don't know where key lime pie was all my life. I had never tried it until a few years ago. On that fateful day, Brett and Jenny just happened to have an Edwards frozen key lime pie. Words are inadequate to describe the ecstacy experienced by my taste buds. I believe I would have gladly eaten until death had there been an unlimited supply of pies. Words also fail to describe the number of fat grams I noticed when I turned the Edwards box over.

I'm bringing this up because of an incident Carole and I experienced tonight at Applebee's. They had a special whereby if you selected a certain entree', you would get a free dessert. I noticed that one of the dessert choices was key lime pie. So I opted for the special. I had chosen a hamburger for my entree' - the patty was fatty (!) and I scarcely paid it any mind since I couldn't get the thought of the key lime pie out of my consciousness.

Carole and I often share a dessert out of concern for calories and cost. When the waiter finally brought out the pie, he thoughtfully provided two spoons. That should have been the warning does not eat pie with a spoon. And there it was. The pie was in a small glass. There was a little bit of lime filling, a little bit of whipped cream, and a few sprinkles of graham cracker crust. I wanted to rise to my feet and immediately proclaim a key lime disaster right there and just clear the restaurant of patrons. What a joke! When you couple a fatty patty with a fake pie, you've lost my business. Forever.


Brooke said...

What!? No more Applebees? No way!

Tim Perkins said...

Applebee's has had a massive downturn in service, selection, and quality. So sad. Your mom and I have just about run out of places to eat in dear old Rockwall.

Blake Perkins said...

wow....I guess I can keep the $100 gift card I was going to give you.

Lynn Leaming said...

What you had is called a dessert shooter ($1.99)and is suppose to give you a taste without major calories. Their main desserts are $4.99, but they don't have keylime pie. The best keylime pie I like is at Joe's Crab Shack.

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

By the way, if you flip the Edwards key lime pie box over you'll notice an ichthus (christian fish) on the box. So maybe those key lime pie splurges aren't so bad after all. You might be supporting fellow believers with your buy.