Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stalked by 22's, con't.

Some of you have read a previous blog entry of mine (scroll down), and you know how the number 22 and its cousins delight in ambushing Carole and me on a daily basis. Here's another example:

This morning, I was heading south on I-35 in my bus at 6:30. It was dark, I was sleepy, and my mind was wandering. Then something dawned on me about my bus, which is bus #499. If you add those digits together, you get, ahem, 22. I wondered if that were unique on my bus lot. So when I arrived back at the lot, I cruised around looking at every bus number. Not one other bus number totaled 22. And we have well over a hundred buses on our lot. Surprising? Not in the least.


Lynn Leaming said...

Fascinating that you even would take the three numbers and add them up. I am not sure I would be that observant. Have a great weekend.

Steve said...

Wow!! That really is "sum"thing.

Atilla the Pun

Tim Perkins said...

Steve: Why do you continue to pun-ish me?