Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can't Beat Sundays

I think we Christians were created to praise our Creator. God must have wanted to kick back and listen to his followers lift Him up with joyous, cathartic singing and praying.

Carole and I are blessed to be able to attend Highland Oaks Church of Christ in Dallas. If you ever are in our area on a Sunday, you must come see (and hear) it for yourself.

We've always had excellent preaching and I don't want to minimize in any way the influence these guys have had on my life. But it's the singing that moves me and leaves a bounce in my step for the next seven days. I also don't want dismiss the real reason we're there every remember our Savior's sacrifice. That's what gives the motivation to live for Him for that next week. But communion, due to the anguish Christ suffered on the cross, is more of meditative and reflective experience where one pulls inward. But I love the chance to have an outlet for all the joy I have as a follower of Him.

And I double-dog-dare you to keep your right foot still while singing "Blessed Be the Name".

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