Tuesday, July 07, 2009


The world is so messed up. I didn't catch any of the M. Jackson stuff today and didn't want to. It seems that if one can sing well enough or dance well enough or throw a football through a tire 30 yards away, we dismiss whatever nefarious garbage is on their resume.

Steve McNair is rather dead today. By all accounts, he had been a good family man and a charitable fellow. But he decided somewhere along the way that doing what was right was getting boring and tiresome, and he ventured into a relationship and failed to count the cost ahead of time. Think he'd like a do-over if given another chance?

Jesus said it very simply. "I am the way." Satan is so adept at tossing out alternative ways that entice us. We must commit every morning before our feet hit the floor to follow "the way" and not be persuaded to check for tempting detours. If we follow the tracks left by Savior, we might miss the adulation that Messrs. McNair and Jackson have garnered but we will have the satisfaction of hearing the most heart-melting words that will ever be spoken: "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

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