Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ready, Set, Go

(Think those USAF pilots are any good?)

Well, Carole and I are mostly packed and ready to leave the house at 5:45 AM Thursday to head out to the airport. From there, we fly into Boston. Then pick up the rental car and immediately get away from the big city and head to Vermont. The weather forecast for the area could be better...Friday will be cloudy and showery...but Saturday is shaping up as a partly cloudy day, and all I'm asking for is a little sun sometime during the trip.

We will be in Wilmington, VT on Thursday night, St. Johnsbury, VT on Friday night, and Rochester, NH on Saturday night. All reports indicate that not only have we picked an extremely good foliage year, but we'll be arriving at peak color in most of the state of Vermont.

The last time I was in Vermont, I can't even remember what kind of camera I was using. That was 1997. Since then, I've discovered the amazing world of digital photography and the unbelievable instrument known as Photoshop. So I'll be prepared with the proper tools and equipment...and the foliage awaits. Time to get it on!

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