Wednesday, May 05, 2010

So puzzling...

Left-wingers just keep getting farther and farther out there. Did you see where NYC mayor Bloomberg initially thought that the perpetrator of the Times Square almost-explosion would probably be "home-grown", "deranged", and somebody who didn't like the health-care bill? This is the typical mindset of liberals these days. They fall all over themselves trying to categorize Tea Party members as violent extremists, but somehow shy away from calling the Ft. Hood murderer a Muslim terrorist. Go figure.

They are also exposing their faulty biases with this Arizona controversy. Rather than accepting the real fact that Arizona is merely making a state law out of a federal law already on the books, the left has decided this is akin to Nazi Germany. Obama himself said that Hispanics who go out to get ice cream now have to worry about being pulled over and intimidated. Please. He either had not read the law or (more likely) wanted to score points with a huge minority voting bloc. Guess he doesn't want to hear about the deleterious effects of illegals on crime rates and drug enforcement.

Up is down. Wrong is right. Christians are scary and Muslims are our friends. Patriotic, peaceful Tea Partiers are evil but terrorists need to be coddled and babied. Hang on America. The wilder and more extreme the left gets, the more folks leave the Democratic party and look for more reasonable candidates.


Jeff S. said...

Michael Bloomberg is a Republican and hardly a liberal.

I find it quite odd that one of the mantras of the tea party is to have respect for our constitution, yet so many of them are willing to shred it when it conflicts with their political views.

The Arizona law violates the principle of federalism; the Constitution gives the federal government the exclusive authority to determine who and who is not in the country legally. There is a very practical reason that we don't have a patchwork immigration policy that varies from state to state.

Conservatives have tried to portray opponents of this law is supporters for lawbreakers. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is absolutely the right of Arizona law enforcement to ask someone for his or her driver's license WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN STOPPED BECAUSE OF REASONABLE SUSPICION OR PROBABLE CAUSE THAT A CRIME AGAINST THE STATE HAS BEEN COMMITTED. States are not in the business of enforcing federal law any more that the federal government is in the business of enforcing Texas law.

This law also makes a mockery of the Fourth Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, that is unless you can convince me that Hispanics won't be a greater target of this law than whites or blacks.

And finally, I have to ask: aren't conservatives supposed to be skeptical of government? Why, then, are they so willing to give a government even more power? Why are they willing to give a government carte blanche to violate the fundamental rights of American citizens?

I understand the frustrations of the people in Arizona, but this law is not the right solution.

Blake Perkins said...

Our Constitution only protects us legal residents. If they are "illegal", why do they get the basics rights.

I support "legal" immigration, but the rights of those who cheated and snuck in here I could care less about.

I know that is a hot sports opinion

Jeff S. said...

Illlegal immigrants hardly get the same rights that citizens do. In fact, the worry over the Arizona law is not that illegal immigrants will be targeted: the worry is that LEGAL citizens will be targets simply because of the the color of their skin or the fact that they speak Spanish.