Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why he's so ashamed of us...

So sorry I've been such a slackard...I honestly wanted to write again about my aversion to the junk Hollywood churns out. But the guy America elected as commander-in-chief keeps begging to be reprimanded...if not impeached. So here we go.

He has bowed before the Saudi king and the Japanese emperor and seems to take delight in apologizing for the great heritage of our country. He claims we aren't a Christian nation. His people kowtow to the communist Chinese and apologize profusely for terrible Arizona...the same Chinese who have rap sheet a mile long of REAL dastardly deeds.

Of course, the other day Obama had a love-in with Mexican president Calderon. They acted like long-lost college lovers as they denounced Arizona for doing the unthinkable - enforcing a law already on the books. It was stomach-churning disgusting to the max. Most of America, polls show, stand behind Arizona in trying to do something about the massive problem of illegal immigration. But then, most of America is also against the health-care bill, cap-and-trade, and bailing out corporations. Obama doesn't care.

So why doesn't he care? It's simple. He's not one of us. What little we know of the guy indicates that the big influencers in his life have been loony-birds. And isn't it curious that we know nothing of his grades or papers from his time at Columbia University...and that Fox News cannot find a single classmate who even remembers this charismatic figure? By the way, I'm non-partisan about this. George W. Bush's whereabouts are fuzzy for a couple of years during the Vietnam war...he has never come clean about exactly what was going on in his life during this time. He, also, seems to have been hiding something.

I think Obama doesn't like America or her heritage. He has no connection with our military and thus no concept of the sacrifices that have been made and are being made to keep us free. Nope, it's all about him. His speeches are stunningly bereft of appreciation for America's history and her people. And since he doesn't act or think like typical America, it bothers him none to denigrate his country in front of foreign leaders.

The good news is that he is so out-of-touch that Americans who shunned political participation in the past are now rising up in huge numbers to alter the landscape in Washington. Hopefully, the election of Obama will one day be rendered by historians as an interlude in our glorious history when Americans briefly fell asleep at the wheel.


Jeff S. said...


I’m quite glad you haven’t written on anything else because politics is obviously what interests me, and I always feel compelled to respond and give you the other side of the story, which I’m sure you never get because it appears you are consistently locked in to the ultra-conservative echo chamber that is Fox News and talk radio. That is fine; I believe the market should dictate what people decide to listen to, and talk radio and Fox News are obviously entertaining outlets. My worry, however, for people who consistently get their news this way, is that they are not exposed to any neutral media, and studies show that the more exposed people are to one viewpoint, the more extreme they become.

So, here we go. For starters, our leaders have always bowed to certain heads of state as a sign of respect. Obama bowing to the Saudi king and the Japanese emperor is no different. George W. Bush held hands and kissed—yes, kissed—the Saudi Prince. Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito, the leader of the Japanese Empire that attacked America. Eisenhower bowed to Charles De Gaulle.

When has Obama apologized for the “heritage of our country”? How have Obama’s people “kowtow[ed] to the Chinese”? Certainly you can’t think that Obama has been friendlier to the Chinese than George W. Bush, who consistently praised China’s economic growth and attended Beijing’s opening Olympic ceremonies.

And why do you care if Obama doesn’t like the Arizona law and says so? Is he not free to voice his opinion if a state is doing something that he disagrees with? Do you also have a problem when Rick Perry criticizes the federal government?

You also claim that Arizona’s law is already on the books. If that is the case, then why enact it? If you are referring to federal law, then the federal government is in charge of enforcing federal law, not the states. We cannot have a patchwork of 50 immigration policies in this country. There is a reason that the Constitution says that Congress has the power to establish a “uniform rule of Naturalization,” a point the Supreme Court has reiterated dozens of times.

And why, exactly does it matter if a majority of the country is for this particular law? History is replete with laws that had popular support but were eventually found unconstitutional. The Constitution’s Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment are there to protect individuals from unnecessary intrusion by the government. Think what our laws would look like if the standard for constitutionality were popular support.

Again, why do you care what Obama was doing as an undergrad at Columbia? What do you want to know and why? Do his grades matter? Am I to suspect that you would change your opinion of him if you found out that he graduated with a 4.0? If a president’s grades really matter to you, Obama was Editor of the Harvard Law Review and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.

Tim, do you honestly—honestly—believe that Obama “doesn’t like America”? What in the world would be his motivation for the stress and insurmountable pressure that comes from being the leader of the most powerful nation if he did not like that nation?

Finally, Obama is hardly out of touch with Americans: his approval rating has been fluctuating just above and just below the 50% mark for the last two months. It could easily have been said about Reagan that he was out of touch with America 16 months into his presidency: his approval rating then was 45% and falling fast.

Tim Perkins said...

Jeff: I will respond to each of these...but it will take time, just like you took time to give a long, measured response. But it's past 10 PM and I'm bushed...

Tim Perkins said...

Well, Jeff, you and I should be the stars of a new "Crossfire" program...'cause we don't agree on anything political.

Haven't you rushed to judgment about how my political views are formed? Have I accused you of watching only CNN and MSNBC? You mention "neutral" news sources...those are hard to find. I've already blogged about how turned off I am about conservative talk show hosts. I rarely watch Fox News...only time I deliberately flip it on in the evenings is if there are election results or something major going on.

Most of my opinions come from listening to or reading direct quotes. That way, there is no "filter" of network bias to work through. Admittedly, it is hard not to see or hear conservative opinion these days...after all, that's apparently what America wants to see and hear. Fox News demolishes CNN and obliterates MSNBC. On the radio side, Air America is...dead. In summation, the "filter" that I employ is 45 or so years as a responsible adult...years that teach through experience.

I was not aware of the other presidents you mentioned bowing and kissing. I guess what ticks Americans off is exaggerated bowing Obama employed, indicating a fawning, obsequious deference to a head of state. This goes along with his eagerness to shunt America into the background, allowing ne'er-do-well countries like Iran step into the power vacuum he creates. We don't want our leader acting as an inferior and that's what all this bowing certainly indicates.

As far as kow-towing, I believe it was last week that some administration higher-up engaged in talks with the Chinese started apologizing for Arizona...and brought up the topic himself. Again, the repeated pattern of constantly telling other countries that Americans have terrible sins to answer for and how we have to do a better job as a country. This drives most Americans bananas, Americans who realize that this is the greatest country in the world, a country with freedoms that have been won at terrible cost. Do we have flaws? A few. But Obama wants to assure the world that we are their equals in every respect and not to be feared and therefore, he's always going to confessional for us. Makes me mad just typing those words.

Sure, Obama is free to express his opinion. But he chooses to undermine Arizona's attempts to do something about their awful situation, he needs to be called out. BTW, Jeff, have you noticed that the federal law is much more stringent than the law Arizona passed? The Arizona law is full of built-in safeguards to protect against what all the liberals are going crazy about. The state law says that someone cannot be stopped without a condition other words, some other illegal act must be committed first. Also, it is written into the law: race, color, and national origin cannot be the basis for reasonable suspicion to inquire of someone’s status. It is against the law.

Let's look at the federal law. It adopts no standard for such enforcement, not even the standard of reasonable suspicion. And it requires no lawful stop precedent to such inquiry. Furthermore, Department of Justice guidelines state: “State police officers have ‘inherent power’ to arrest undocumented immigrants for violating federal law.” So I ask you, which one seems harsher?

(Continued in next comment)

Tim Perkins said...
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Tim Perkins said...

About Columbia. I think you know the answer without me saying it. The fact that that there is no openness suggests there is something to hide. I'm sure if Obama did carry a 4.0, he would have trumpeted it from the highest hill. But we know nothing...and this from the guy who was gonna give us the "most transparent administration" ever. (Why isn't he having press conferences or answering questions these days? Hardly looks transparent, does it?)

Yeah, I don't think he likes America. As I've stated, he apologizes every chance he gets for all our sins, real or imaginary. And, yes, I think there's a hidden agenda. Everything I see points to his desire to turn us into a socialist nation...a direct slap in the face of our founding fathers. We must remember the influence Bill Ayers and other unpatriotic radicals have had on Obama's thinking.

As far as Barack's popularity, he's currently batting a cool .000 (0-4) when it comes to personal appearances for troubled candidates he wanted to help. And today's Rasmussen poll gives him a score of -17, arrived by subtracting his "strongly disapprove" rating from his "strongly approve" rating. The ranks of former Obama supporters grows by leaps and bounds daily the more he gets exposed for what he is: an unprepared, inexperienced, hopelessly misguided idealogue.

Jeff S. said...

Thank you for your response. I suppose we could go back and forth indefinitely and never convince each other. Please know that none of my retorts are me this is fun and one of the many things that makes this country great: open debate allows a democracy to thrive. In the mean time, I'll look forward to your next post.

Tim Perkins said...

Thanks, Jeff, for your fine attitude. There are those who get caught up in politics who take it way too seriously. I confess that if I take my eyes off what I'm really supposed to be doing, namely serving the Lord, it can happen to me as well.

Cody said...
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