Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Actually, the title is not about the picture.

It's about today in my classroom. At wonderful John B. Hood Middle School, we have hall issues...namely, too many hallwalkers, particularly during our 3 lunch periods. It's easier for them to cut class or lunch then since school personnel are assigned to handle the enormous security logistics at feeding time in the big school and aren't available to check the halls.

Last week, it seemed that each day, someone would bang on my door while I was in the midst of my (ahem) quality instruction. Or they'd kick my door. Or they'd scream like a banshee before vanishing down the nearby stairs. My 4th period Einsteins think this is real funny.

Today, someone tossed a half-filled soda can through the transom above the side wall in my classroom. It barely missed one of my kids before splattering to the floor. Another few inches and we'd be on the Channel 8 News tonight.

I really don't think the average person on the street has any idea how bad public schools in Dallas are.

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