Friday, January 27, 2006

To-Do List

I really, really try to live in an anticipatory frame of mind concerning Jesus' return. I want to go home, NOW.

That being said, I have a mental list of things I want to do before I croak. And here they are:

1. I want to have an aquarium with exotic, equatorial fish. The almost infinite variety of color and shape fascinates me no end.

2. I want to see a Shuttle launch in person. I actually have an idea as to how to pull this off. Stay tuned.

3. I want to ride the Concorde. Uh, this could be a challenge since those beautiful planes have been permanently grounded. There is some talk in Britain about reviving the birds and paying for it by charging even more than British Airways was in the past. So this item has two strikes against it.

4. I want to spend a late July without the impending gloom of a school year approaching. This one is close.

5. I want to see Richard Sturban die. Just kidding, Blake.

6. I want to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in person again. Carole and I have experienced this twice and the power of those voices digs deep into the soul. Too bad those folks are clueless religiously.

7. I would like to revisit Fort Jackson, S.C., the site on my basic training 36 years ago. I had so many unsettled issues when I was there...where would I work as a teacher, who would I marry, would I survive the lonliness that enveloped me. Seeing some of the sights again would reaffirm that God was and is in control.

Maybe next, I move to the next realm and tell you the people I'm gonna look up in heaven.


Blake Perkins said...

People, his name is "Sterban", not St"u"rban. He will never die.

Brooke said...

You really want an aquarium? Where would you put it? I love aquariums too.

Tim Perkins said...

There a wonderful spot above the TV where some useless pics of children and grandchildren are. Uh, just kidding.

I'll never have one of these things because I'd want to contract out the cleaning of it. And I don't the cash for that and I KNOW I don't have the cash for type of fish I would want.