Friday, January 06, 2006

Favorite Aromas

Okay, not your normal blog entry.

Favorite odors:

1. New tires. Only the male species can understand this.

2. Jet-A. This is the fuel used by aircraft. It has a definite aroma and the other guys who hang out at airports like I do agree that this is one beautiful smell.

3. The smell of tennis balls in a newly-opened can.

4. Bread being baked. When I was a kid vacationing in Minnesota with my family, we visited church members in Pine City, MN. At one home, the lady was baking bread...big loaves of bread. I can still smell it.

5. Freshly mimeographed sheets. Remember them? Long before copy machines, there were mimeograph machines. The copies came out wet with chemicals and smelled great!

6. Baby Magic. That pink lotion you put on a baby as the final touch after a bath. If I ever drown, I want it to be in a vat of Baby Magic. Or chocolate.

7. New car smell. Has anyone yet nailed down exactly what its origin is? While this aroma is pleasant to the nostrils, it generally means you owe your life to a bank.

Okay. Your turn.


Carole said...

Well, currently, my favorite aroma is your Active body wash!

Tim Perkins said...

Hey, now.

Amber said...

I say something burning- like on the grill!!

Blake Perkins said...

1) Outside after you just cut your lawn

2) Maddie after she gets a bath

3) Jaime's shampoo

Brooke said...

Man, mom...I'm embarressed. My favorite smell is Michael's Gillette aftershave. I also love the smell of freshly back pie or cobbler of any kind.

Tim Perkins said...

Brooke: What's a back pie? I don't like the sound of it, let alone the smell of it.

Brooke said...

Sorry...a "baked" pie. I did NOT like the smell of Herbal Essense shampoo while I ate bran cereal. You would was your hair as I ate in high school. Talk about wanting to gag.

Heather said...

I like the smell of concrete after a rain. It brings me back to childhood when I thought the smell was cinnamon. Wierd, I know.