Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Different Saturday

The day began nicely enough. I was privileged to speak to a men's breakfast at the nearby Eastridge Church. Easy topic: "Secrets of Good Parenting". Praise the Lord that Carole and I have been blessed with super kids. I basically told them what we had done that might have been different from other parents. Hope it helps a few fathers in the difficult job of being a parent.

But I get home and Carole reports she doesn't feel good and soon thereafter, she's chunking her cookies. I hope it's a 24-hour (or less) bug. Of all the things in the world to hate, she hates nausea more than any.

So I've stayed indoors, trying to be a good nurse. Got to see the Mavericks beat Memphis for a 3rd time in the playoffs. Dirk picks up a loose ball with a couple of seconds left and drills a three to tie the game. Mavs had all the momentum at that point and won the game easily in OT.

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