Saturday, April 15, 2006

Just One Thing...

I had looked forward to this morning all week. It had been a taxing week at school with lots of lecture and lots of disturbances and I pushed myself through it by envisioning a photo shoot at the airport this morning. The only kicker was that for this to be successful, I'd need morning sun.

So, I packed my gear last night and set the alarm for 6:20 this morning. When I woke up, I checked the weather at Love Field. "Cloudy, 68 degrees." Groan. I decided to wait until 7 in hopes that the skies would improve. Sure enough, "Partly cloudy, 68 degrees." I wolfed down breakfast, threw on my jeans and t-shirt and headed out. All during the drive west, I was encouraged because the skies were improving the whole way. This was gonna work out.

Pulled into the parking lot at Love Field a little before 8. I unzipped my camera bad and discovered to my horror that there was no camera. Lots of lenses, no camera. I had taken it out last night to recharge the battery and had forgotten to repack it.

I've been kicking myself all day. Only bright spot is that I bet I never make that mistake again.



Future Senator said...

get a life

Tim Perkins said...

Since you're a liberal and liberals are clueless, I'm thrilled you think I don't have a life.

Blake Perkins said...

Have you seen this guy's blog? He can't even write a blog without using profanity. As a good friend once told me, "Profanity is the tool if the ignorant"