Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crunching the Numbers

Numbers are cold.

They don't tell the real story behind all the personalities involved in a career. But here are some estimates I've thrown together to quantify 36 years of teaching.

Number of students I've taught: 3,960

Number of times a class has walked into my room: 31,850

Number of times a black girl has thrown me up against a wall: 1

Number of referrals written to send kids to the office: 1000+

Number of times I was pleased with the discipline meted out: less than 20

Number of times I was nervous the night before the first day of a new year: 36


Heather said...

How about: "How many times you've had to eat unidentifiable cafeteria food handed out by "oh so friendly" women in white pant suits and hair nets".....

Tim Perkins said...

Heather: I should have added this:

Number of times I've eaten school cafeteria food: 0

For 36 years, I have taken my own lunch.

Brooke said...


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Congrats! It is over!