Friday, May 12, 2006

Just When You Think...

The good news is that my blogs on the haplessness of a certain urban middle school will soon be o'er. I wait expectantly for the days when I have no educational garbage to report.

Yesterday, the principal was missing during the lunch periods. During "B" lunch, a fight broke out that spilled out of the cafeteria and into the hall. Our security guys immediately went to the hall to try to break it up. This proved difficult because each pugilist had his own "homies" rushing to join in. Meanwhile, back at the cafeteria, the mother of all food fights broke out. Burritos were sailing through the air like homeruns at the Ballpark. One girl was hit in the face with a frozen juice container.

It took a long time to restore order. "B" lunch went on for about an hour as administrators made everyone pitch in to clean up the mess (They were threatened with immediate suspensions if they didn't.)

I found it odd today when our head principal, a real law-and-order guy, did not bring up the riot in his morning announcements. Then "A" lunch happened. Another donnybrook food fight broke out. And this with the head man himself present plus numerous DISD police in attendance. After the conclusion of A lunch, the principal finally went to the intercom to warn the students.

All year long there has been a gradual slippage in what was tolerated at my school. By April, it pretty much took a felony to get suspended. The events of the past two days are the inevitable by-product of such lazy discipline.

Stay tuned. There are 8 more school days.

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