Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What a Way to Go

I have no second thoughts about retiring. One reason is because of days like today. There was no air-conditioning at our institution of lower learning. The temp today was 96 with a heat index of 108.

You know, I could take the situation a lot better if there were just communication about the situation. But the folks in charge made nary an announcement about it. Not a "we're working on it" or "this could take a while". And most importantly, not even a "we're so sorry."

Teachers can take a lot. They can take the kids. They can tolerate the parents. They can even withstand the pay. But when you consistently tell them they're not important, they collapse under the strain and bail out of the profession.

This has been the modus operandi at my school for years. The best and the brightest have moved on or moved out. Left in their places are the naive or the incompetent.

Our society will pay the penalty for this nonsense. (Sidenote: put your kids in a Christian private school. Whatever the cost, it's worth it.) Oh, yeah...only 11 days to go!


Blake Perkins said...

You arent going to know what to do when August 10th comes rolling around (except it is Mom's birthday)

Tim Perkins said...

It'll be weird this summer not having the spector of school looming over me like a mangy buzzard.