Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dry Bones

Yesterday's weather was a microcosm of our water troubles. The esteemed National Weather Service warned of severe thunderstorms and locally heavy rain. Rain chances were to begin after midnight and last through the evening. In actuality, a single line of storms moved through. The heaviest of the rain, of course, somehow missed our humble abode and the result was a beggarly .13".

Our water supply, Lake Lavon, managed to gain a bit of water, going from 41.09% of capacity to 41.20%. During this drought, the lake typically has been going down around .20% a day. One doesn't have to be a CPA to figure out that the lake won't be around much longer unless help arrives soon.

One ray of hope: at least one hurricane expert expects October to be very active in the Caribbean and the Gulf. While I don't wish trouble for anyone on the coast, Texas and particularly north Texas needs a system to bring us a quick 20" or so.


Blake Perkins said...

Forecast doesnt look good this week

Heather said...

This crazy rain stuff made my trip back from KY a living nightmare. My DIRECT flight from Lexington, KY(taking off from the correct runway mind you) left at 6:00am and was to arrive in DFW at 7:20am. After being diverted 3x and running out of fuel twice, landing in Abilene as well as Waco I finally made it home at 4:30 PM. It was an 11 hour flight. I could have driven home in that time or heck flown to Hawaii or something. If my camera batteries were charged I could have gotten you lots of great airplane pic's from the tarmack. Oh well...I'm not going to try it again just to get the shots....(wink)

Tim Perkins said...

Heather: I hope you learned your lesson about batteries!! I won't tell you about the time I arrived at Love Field for an exquisitely planned photography session...and didn't pack my camera.

I kicked myself all the way home.