Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pain for the Lord

One of the things I've been able to do with my retirement-induced free time is help with our "Sharing and Caring" ministry at church. Every other Tuesday, we get a shipment of food from the North Texas Food Bank. It has to be unloaded, brought into the building, and stacked.

Yesterday, we had over a ton and a half of can goods, pinto beans, and milk. Al Fannin and Herb Tyler helped as we lifted the boxes twice...once to get out of the truck and again when figured out where to stack them.

So today, I have a pulled muscle in my back. It's a muscle that is halfway down the left side and seems to disappear under the shoulder blade, effectively hiding from any attempts to massage it. But in a way, I'm glad.

We have such a comfortable life as Christians, seldom suffering persecution or pain for our faith. It's really a dangerous state in which to be...comfort attracts Satan, in fact the slithery "father of all lies" probably created the comfort in the first place. Comfort encourages self-congratulation and self-reliance, both antithetical to our quest to be Christ-like and Christ-dependent.

So my little muscle pull is, in a small way, bringing me some satisfaction this morning. I took one for the team.

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