Sunday, September 03, 2006

Twenty-something Jesus

I've got a lot of questions I want to ask God when I get the chance. Of course, my mind may be somewhere else when I get to heaven, just as it is here in Rockwall, TX. But I am curious about the timing of things in Jesus' life.

Why did His ministry begin at age 30? Why was he baptized "late"? Why did His ministry last only 3 years? I don't really understand the quiet years when Jesus was in his 20's. Was this decade needed to harden Him emotionally for the volatile times ahead? Why was the time not right yet?

I would imagine that Christ had so many mixed emotions during that time. He probably lay awake at night...not wondering where the materials for His current carpentry job would come from, but imagining how politically incorrect his mission would be...and what His apostles would be like...and how tough it would be to cast aside friendships when he switched from carpenter to evangelist...and maybe even how cold, rusty nails felt when driven through palms.

I wonder how much He missed His heavenly father. And surely He worried about Joseph and Mary, and how difficult the 3 years would be for them.

Surely, no other twenty-something human ever dealt with such a mental burden.

And yet, He saw it through. He did not cave in, capitulate, or cower.

Our Savior was quite a guy.

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