Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mom Returns!

Is there any place better than home? After a 12-day stay in the hospital, Mom returned home yesterday. Amazingly, she is about where she was when all this started. But she is 85 and various skills are diminishing. Her memory is getting spotty and that frustrates her no end. She realizes that she should not be driving, and I am now her permanent chaffeur.
This is such a conflicting time. I really don't know why old people suffer. They certainly don't need the discipline that pain teaches us young folk. There are no life lessons that still need to be learned, eh? All of us who are blessed enough to count ourselves as Mom's children just want her pain-free, safe, and happy in her final years.


Heather said...

I updated my blog today.

Brooke said...

That's still a really good picture of her!

Amber said...

What a sweet mom and grandma. She looks like such a wonderful person. I hate that she is going through all of this!!!