Sunday, February 11, 2007


Wow, whatta tough 10 days it has been. Throughout my mom's stay in the hospital, I've been battered with problematic questions. Questions that burdened me down, but fortunately were answered by God along the way. Many still remain, however.

Here's a short list of posers I've had:

1. Is Mom going to live?
2. If she lives, what shape will she be in?
3. How do we handle the questions dealing with medicines that address her problems but carry
immense side effects?
4. If Mom lives, where does she go after being discharged from the hospital?
5. If she goes to Christian Care Center, what level of care does she need?
6. If she goes home, what level of care does she need?
7. If she needs home health-care, do I go through an agency or use ladies recommended to me?
8. What questions should I ask these ladies?
9. How much would these ladies be needed?
10. What medical equipment will Mom require at home?
11. Will her doctor go along with our plea to withdraw some of the meds?

One by one, God has sent answers to the above questions. Usually, I didn't have to wait long for a clear-cut answer. How do non-Christians manage without this extraordinary blessing? We are super-blessed in that my mom has spent her adult life putting away for such a time as this.

Stayed tuned for updates. She could come home tomorrow or Tuesday.

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