Sunday, February 25, 2007

On Being Cognizant of Wells

Tim Spivey preached a brilliant message this morning on the meeting of Jesus and the woman at the well. I'm probably like most folks...I need to be reminded every now and then of the importance of sharing the good news of Jesus with others. So often I live like this world is my home, my final destination point. I get too wrapped up in laying my roots down here. And I forget that my task on this earth isn't to become as acclimated as I can on this planet.
When I catch myself doing that, I've been lured by Satan into a complacent, materialistic mindset. Had Christ been so like-minded, He would have asked the lady for water, then moved on. Or, He would have never even spoken to her, a Samaritan.
Every week, perhaps every day, there's a woman at the well in my life...thirsty for living water. Do I avoid the well because I'm not comfortable with a modern-day Samaritan? Do I avoid speaking because I'm unsure of what to say? Do I not value the message enough to share it?
I'm praying for eyes that will see the opportunities this week. And for words from the Holy Spirit that will open up communication with those who don't know the joy I know. And for a greater appreciation for what has been done for me by the man at the well that day.

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