Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer's Here and the Time is Right

What oldies song gets you going the most? I'm not interested in anything recent. I don't think anything decent and catchy has been written or recorded since 1975. (That's a scary thought: good music is not being written now! What on earth kind of garbage will my grandkids be exposed to?) Anyway, the song that never fails to get my foot tapping is hinted at in the blog's title: Dancing in the Streets.

Now there is nothing overwhelmingly intellectual about this choice. Not much of a heavy, life-changing message in the lyrics. Just a contagious beat that has always lifted my spirits. Here are few others that are high on my list:

1. Twelfth of Never (Johnny Mathis)
2. The Two of Us (Edye Gormet and Steve Lawrence)
3. Cracklin' Rose (Neil Diamond)
4. She's a Woman (The Beatles)
5. Devoted to You (Everly Bros.)

OK, chime in with yours.


Brooke said...

So you think there has only been junk written since 1975?!?!? Wow. I'm going to NARROW down my list so that I can only give you 5 good songs. I'll be posting soon.

Brooke said...

1. I Can Only Imagine (Mercy Me)
2. Beautiful Day (U2)
3. Round Here (Counting Crows)
4. Time of Your Life (Green Day)
5. Don't Know Why (Norah Jones)

Not many people follow my favorite band, so I didn't list any Sister Hazel songs.

Heather said...

And we wonder why one of your son's has such a fascination with the ORB's.

Carole said...
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Lynn said...

I hate to admit this but the song that always gets me going is YMCA. I immediately start making the letters :)
Here are a few others:
1. Da Doo Ron Ron (The Cyrstals)
2. Do Wah Ditty Ditty (Manfred Mann
3. When Will I Be Loved (Linda Rondstat)
4. Downtown (Petula Clark)
5. Top of the World (Carpenters)
I agree with you, they just don't make songs like those anymore. Sorry Brooke, the only one I have ever heard on your list is #1. I feel old that I have not even heard of Counting Crows or Sister Hazel!

Carole said...

I'm with you, Lynn. Brooke's #1 is the only one I know, and I do love it, too. Brooke, I think Tim was thinking of regular, secular songs because he and I both love LOTS of the newer Christian songs. But the songs you listen to while courting (that means "dating", Brooke) just aren't what they used to be. And the ones we fell in love to aren't as wonderful as the ones our parents loved when they were young and in love. What we need is more Perry Comos, Frank Sinatras, Dean Martins, John Garys, etc

Carole said...

Okay, here are my five. I'm doing Christian songs because I have no idea what's out there, otherwise. It just sounds like a bunch of noise.
My VERY favorite,
#1....BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD ABOVE; I can NOT hear it and not cry tears of gratitude.

Blake Perkins said...

1) Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
2) Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
3) Dance, Dance, Dance - Beach Boys
4) When I Wake Up To Sleep No More - New South
5) November Rain - Guns and Roses

Brooke said...

Blake has a Guns and Roses song on his list??? Is he joking??? I would have never thought Guns and Roses song would have been heard by him!

Blake Perkins said...

It is a beautiful song. Listened to it all the time my senior year in high school.

Tim Perkins said...

Who or what is Guns and Roses?

Heather said...

Looks like someone should have kept a tighter reign on ole' Blake his senior year. Just kidding.