Sunday, June 10, 2007 in "I feel bad"

Yesterday was tough. Found out early on that we will require a new water heater installed. And due to its location in the attic, it'll cost a bunch extra. I was delayed getting to task #1 of the day, mowing the front yard, and it was 10:30 when I started. By then, there was a ghastly mixture of heat and humidity going on and it took an hour to finish the job.

Task #2 was to begin work with Carole on a home improvement project - installing a chair rail in our den and painting the wall below it. There was a lot of going in and out and lot of heavy lifting (a borrowed power miter saw). But we got a lot done.

The first indication something was wrong was during the night when a tough backache insued. I couldn't find a position that afforded any relief. So I was awake from 3:50 on. When Carole awoke I told her I was a no-go for church. After she got up, I finally dozed off.

Later in the morning, I managed to get up. The back still hurt and I felt wasted, like somebody had pulled the plug on my energy and will-to-live.

Just another indication that the good ole days (when my sons and I would do 17 yards a day) are permanently over.


Brooke said...

Sorry you feel so bad. You just can't sit still, can you? I was a no go for church yesterday too. I tried to watch a sermon on tv, but I don't like/agree with most of those guys.

Tim Perkins said...

Yeah, it's hard get your regular dose of fellowship from some guy on TV. All I know is that I miss worship terribly when I can't be there. I guess you know they honored Lynn last Sunday.