Friday, July 27, 2007

35 and Counting

It was a sultry Thursday night in 1972 on this date. I believe the temp hit 100. We started the wedding at 8:00 so the auditorium would be dark enough for pictures. It was a Thursday night because the Cowboys were playing the College All-Stars on Friday night and we didn't want an all-female turnout for our big ceremony.

Mercy, it's been a great 35 years. It always helps when you out-marry yourself and I certainly did. Now we have 3 grown kids and 4.5 grandkids. It's such an endorsement of God and faith and prayer that we sit here tonight perfectly content. Through every trial (and there've been some, of course), God got us through it. There were times when we thought life had tossed us an insurmountable hurdle, only to have God pull us through it and provide an answer.

The product of our union is family...and nothing brings us more joy these days than our kids and g'kids. They dominate our conversations, and not just because we've covered every other subject worth discussing in these 35 years. Our three children love God and serve Him with diligence. And that brings us deep, deep contentment. We've not had to face the discouragement of unfaithful children that many couples our age have faced. Not that we were brilliant parents, but because of them and their commitment to the Lord.

Our kids do give Carole and me a tough time every year because we rarely celebrate anniversaries in exuburant style. I think last year we went to the Cheesecake Factory and then (hold your breath), I took my bride to Love Field where I took a few airplane photos. This year, we've moved back our "celebration" one day to Saturday because Carole has been sick with horrible sinuses. She got an allergy shot yesterday and should be good to go tomorrow. Current plan is to go to Jefferson, Texas on a day trip and enjoy the small town atmosphere. Yeah, I know. We're weird. Have been for 35 years now.


Brooke said...

We owe y'all a lot. It's good to watch something work before trying it out yourself, and I had the priveledge to watch y'all handle marriage beautifully. BTW, where is Jefferson????

Blake Perkins said...

Check your Texas History book Brooke. Jefferson used to be a thriving city, but now its almost like a ghost town in East Texas.

Congrats Mom and Dad. I hope Jaime can handle me for 35 years.

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary you guys. Jason and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary Sept 13. Time flies when you're in love....