Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Top Five Days of my Life*

*With tongue planted firmly in cheek.

1. The day cable TV arrived at our house, sometime in the 80's. For some reason, Dallas was slow to get on the bandwagon and we were chained to a handful of OTA (over-the-air) channels. I had heard about ESPN but never experienced it. Then cable arrived at 5126 Breakwood and a new day dawned. I simply revelled in the luxury of watching a William & Mary/Weber St. basketball game or the 10 PM Sports Center. Nowadays, I have hundreds of channels and I've weaned myself from sports addiction. But trust me, it was huge when it happened.

2. The day I discovered I had always loved aviation and now I could look at pictures of planes to my heart's content. Little did I know that I'd ever post pix there.

3. The day I discovered that people would pay to have to their yards mowed. There was a guy who lived half a block down from us in the 70's. He and his wife had no kids and both were well-compensated at their jobs. He drove a Porsche and they had the only swimming pool in the neighborhood. Don asked me one day if I'd be interested in mowing his yard for twenty bucks. Sure! Little did I know that this would unofficially start an underground landscaping company loosely known as "Perkins and Sons", and would provide a stream of income for two decades, helping us put our kids in Dallas Christian.

4. April 26, 1976, the day I walked out of the National Guard armory on Northwest Hwy in Dallas for the final time. I had given our country six tough years of my life; it always seemed that my "Guard weekends" were on the best weather weekends of the month. And I never really enjoyed the Army. They begged me on that Sunday to re-up and give 'em 14 more years. Not a chance.

5. The day I dunked a basketball. I've been severely afflicted with white man's disease since birth. It was truly embarrassing going through life being 6'4" and unable to dunk. But one day in 1968, Terry Hawkins and I had just finished a tennis match at ACU when we wandered through old Bennett Gym on the way to our cars. I grabbed a basketball, dribbled toward the goal and leapt with all the albino genes I could muster...and cleanly dunked the ball. What was great about this was that I had a witness.

Of course, none of these compare to the REAL important days. Maybe that's another blog.

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Heather said...

Top SIX days of my life:
1.Second grade in the entryway of our old house in Garland where I, w/mom's guidance gave my life to the Lord.
2.December 6,1996-The day I went on a blind date with the sweetest man, who would become my husband 9 months later.
3. July 22, 2004-The day sweet baby boy, Luke Elijah was born. This was truly a day made in heaven for me.
4. May 21, 2006--The day my dad went to be with the Lord. No more suffering.
5. February 4, 2007--The day I was finally discharged from Baylor University Medical Center 80 lbs. lighter than when I went in 2 mos. prior.
6.Still to come this Sept 13, 2007 when Jason and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.