Saturday, July 07, 2007

Quick Trip

I've returned home from spending 30 hours in Tampa, the humidity capital of the world. It must be a natural reaction of tourists to go places and exclaim, "How do folks live here?". I found that I could not stay dry when I left the gelid confines of the rental car. So anytime I wanted to eat indoors at a restaurant, I needed a shower first.

It also impacted my photo-taking. Yesterday morning, I arrived at my "spot" atop the airport parking garage and was immediately blessed with a great photo-op. I quickly got out my camera, attached the lens, stepped out into the damp air...only to have the lens to fog over upon contact with the outside air. Since you can't wipe a lens off with your shirt or a paper towel or somesuch, I was reduced to holding it over an opening in the hood of the car, where hot air was escaping with enough force to act like a blow-dryer. It took about 3 minutes but it worked. Of course, the shot I had wanted to take was long since history by that time.

Ironically, Tampa and the rest of Florida is in a drought. That, to me, is as puzzling as a lack of snow in Siberia. But as I awaited the flight home yesterday, a Dallas-like monsoon hit the area, causing perfect strangers in the airport to be embraced by giddy Floridians. Guess I brought them a taste of home.

Anyway, the reason I went there was to capitalize on the extraordinary photography conditions. It's hard to beat a silver plane on a deep-green background.

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Heather said...

Wow Tim, now that's a great shot. Sounds like you had a blast. Looking forward to seeing some of your other pic's in blog world.