Friday, August 17, 2007


Carole and I are sitting here in limbo this morning. Our plan had been to go to San Antonio this weekend to see Brett, Jenny, and the grandsons. But then Tropical Storm Erin sloshed inland and dropped 6-12" in the Hill Country. So we delayed our departure, trying to decide if travel were prudent given the circumstances. Just got off the phone with Brett and he said things were calming down, so we will probably take off in a couple of hours.

If you are a steady reader of this blog (why?!!), you know that I started suffering with a frayed rotator cuff back in April. It calmed a bit with a cortisone shot, but now it is its own perfect storm, tormenting me by day and night. It's my right shoulder and I'm right-handed. I can't reach higher than shoulder level or reach behind one does when driving a car and wanting to retrieve something from the back seat. At night, I'm forced to sleep on my left side, the same side where I've had two hip surgeries...and the result is that I rotate between my bed and the couch.

I need surgery, but now with my seasonal bus-driving job about to start up, I don't want to lose six weeks of employment. Wouldn't be fair to my boss. So I'm gonna try to get another injection next week and then tough it out for ten months.

Got to go pack now and head toward the eye of Erin. Reminds me of a Steven Wright observation: "Just imagine how high the oceans would be if it weren't for the sponges that live on the ocean floor."


Brooke said...

Sorry that you are in pain. I have to lie on my left side at night too! I typically fall asleep on that side, so it's not a big deal for me. Is Steven Wright that comedian that talks in a monotone? That was one funny comment. Give everyone in SA a hug for me!

Tim Perkins said...

Yes, the one and only Steven Wright. The one who said, "Some folks are afraid of heights; I'm afraid of depths."

Made it to SA OK. Counted 7 popcorn-type showers that we went through. It was absolutely gorgeous coming down 281. Everything is extremely green; and the tropical sky had the coolest looking clouds. At one point, Carole and I saw George Washington talking to a poodle.

Lynn said...

I am so sorry that your shoulder has flared back up. I pray the shot will help again and allow you to wait the length you want. Had to smile about George Washington talking to a poodle. One of my favorite things to do is to discover cloud shapes. Hope ya'll had a wonderful time with your kids and grandkids!